PC Virtual Terminal

Precidia’s PC Virtual Terminal transforms a desktop or notebook computer into a payment terminal – an equivalent of a merchant’s point-of-sale terminal.  It is a cost effective way to process credit and gift card operations such as payments and refunds.  In addition, Precidia’s solution offers a simple way to view transaction details and perform administrative functions. This solution delivers fully secure transaction processing in real time.

The Precidia Virtual Terminal is easy to set up.  The terminal may be configured to allow manual input of requested data (card number, expiration date and so on) or to use a PINpad.

The application is completely web based, so there is no application to download.  In other words, it can be executed in Windows, Linux or any other operating system which supports a web browser. This solution can use the Equinox L5300/L5200 line of PINpads to run the transactions, so that even though the transactions are initiated from the web page, the actual transaction including the card number and secure pin entry and signature capture are all run from the PINpad. When ordering, specify that you will need the PINpad. It will be shipped completely configured so all you need to do is plug in the ethernet cable to your PINpad and you are ready to go.


The first step is to register for an account. Your sales person will set up you with an account and tell you your MID. Then you will receive an email with the following information

This will allow you to login to the Virtual Terminal through the link provided.  This link will take you to the VT login screen as the administrator, where you will enter your account reference number and the MID that will be provided to you over the phone by your sales agent.

Now that you are in, you can set up your VT to the way you like it!






The Precidia Mobile Terminal allows you to convert your Android-based mobile phone into a fully featured mobile payment terminal. This solution gives you full access to credit card payment processing, gift card payment processing as well as detailed reports about your transactions. Although the card can be manually entered, along with the CVV code and AVS, it is recommended that you use an encrypted swipe reader by Magtek, called the Bullet.



 This is a small, encrypted swipe reader that you simply push the button to activate. You then hand it over to your customer and they swipe their own card. The data is completely encrypted; It is only decrypted at the gateway server. Instructions to test drive the Precidia mobile payment terminal app: Click DOWNLOAD APP to get the application When you install it, you may need to set the security settings to allow access from outside the play store At the log in page, hit TRIAL on the top right to get access to a test account that will let you test the features If you do not have a bluetooth encrypted swiper with the Precidia Credentials, you can still run a manual transaction.

Use this card number 5413 3300 8901 0434, exp 12/14                                       Sign up here    /     Download App

At the log in screen, pick the TRIAL account on the top left to get credentials to log in. A working card number you can enter to get a successful transaction is 5413 3300 8901 0434, exp 12/14 This is what it would look like on a Nexus 7 tablet


  • UserIDs and Passwords are generated by the Manager, and assigned to clerks. The manager can report on and delete accounts
  • By default, arrive on sale page, but based on manager's set up instructions, other menu items will be available to the clerk. the Yellow on top indicates it is ready to swipe the card. Turn on your bluetooth reader, and swipe....
  • The card is swiped, and the truncated data is inserted on the screen. The Card Data is all encrypted and sent to the server for processing. Enter the amount, In the settings automatically set the tip and tax amounts, and allow manual over ride of the tip by customer
  • Under Settings, Tax and Tip can be set to 0, which will remove these two fields from the transaction completely.
  • The receipt, with the header information as determined by the manager is created. Now you have the option to add a signature, and a photo of the person
  • Once the signature and photo are captured, add the email address, and the receipt will be sent. If the manager sets it up, a copy of the receipt will also be sent to the manager.
  • Send the receipt right from your phone, and add customized text. 3 files are sent, the receipt, the signature, and the photo
  • Swipe to the left, and see what transactions can be done for Credit Cards.....
  • Set to Gift cards, and swipe left and see what transactions can be performed
  • Set to batch mode, and swipe left to see what transactions can be performed....
  • At the top of the screen, hit device list and see what available devices can be paired. We can support KBD and SPP Magtek encrypted readers. Set the default here....



Instructions on ordering your own application: Fill in the form below. You will be supplied with a MerchantID by mail. By email, you will get a login screen, use your MerchantID that was previously sent and set up your clerk accounts. Give each clerk access to which features you want to enable for them and also set up receipt templates. Each clerk will get an email with instructions on how to Download and install Precidia Mobile Payments Terminal app on their Android mobile device. You can provide them with their passwords that you set up through the manager account. Your mobile payment terminal is ready!